Finding the balance between ambitious, idealistic planning efforts and plans that are capable of being implemented has long been the single largest planning challenge that towns and cities have faced.  North Star Planning aims to find that individual balance for each client through these foundational philosophies:

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The Process Should be Inclusive

The planning process must be representative of the interests and people it impacts in order to be successful.  We use a broad range of outreach tactics to make sure every view is represented at the table.

The Products should be accessible

Communicating the way forward is the role of the final planning documents.  We understand the importance of branding and messaging to make sure that everyone gets the information they need.  

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The Plan Should be Specific

Clear, detailed visioning leads to actionable plans.  Establishment of a clear vision followed up with regular plan review and updates is a better way to remain responsive and adaptable to new opportunities and challenges.

The Progress Should be Measureable

Finding relevant ways to track implementation progress should be a part of every planning document.  Creating benchmarks and indicators that can be tracked over time is essential to report back out to decision makers and the community.